You Do Too Need Stinkin Badges!

The latest feature to F-CHOPS WEATHERPOD is the Stinkin Badges page. Press the Check In button where ever you are and you can unlock a special badge for various things such as the current weather condition, the number of Check Ins you have, some holidays and a host of other conditions.

When a badge is unlocked you will receive an on screen message and the badge will change from black and white to full color. Press any badge, locked or not, at any time to see what badges are offered and get an idea of what to expect. It is possible to unlock more than one badge a day so Check In often.

Starting out we have 28 different badges configured and plan to add more in the future. It will take a normal person quite a while to unlock all 28 badges and advance in level as some can unlock at any time, and others only unlock around once a month and still others only unlock once a year.

No balls to throw, no running or jumping required. You can Check In rain or shine, indoors or out, night and day, from anywhere in the world. This may very well be the one thing that finally unites all of mankind!