How do you check the weather forecast for today, the next 5 days, for your current location or anywhere in the world without totally falling to sleep? With the F-Chops WeatherPod app for android! F-Chops WeatherPod gives you the weather you want at a glance, and with a kick in the pants to boot.

android weather appF-Chops WeatherPod

Get your weather with an attitude. Available only for android.
weather app screenshot
weather app screenshot
weather app screenshot

Fast and Accurate
Weather Forecasts

Don't get caught out in the rain again.
And if you do.. oh well.

    All of the usual weather app features are here. Current Temp, High's and Low's, 5 day forecasts.. all the same crap as those other guys. We threw in over 200 smart ass remarks to keep the weather interesting, because nobody likes a boring weather app.

We're out there

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Weather with a
Kick in the pants

    This app won't prevent a lightning bolt shot to the noggin, but it will improve your odds of not getting a soaker when it rains.

    It won't keep you from slipping down the snow covered stairs but it will give you a giggle on the way down.

    Life is short. Get your copy now before they're all gone!

No More Boring Weather

The F-CHOPS WEATHERPOD app is a full featured weather app for the Android operating system. Weather can be tricky enough as it is, and just because you dispay the weather over a pretty picture doesn't make a weather app any good. You need meat and potatoes with a side of gravy.

We give you the weather you want in a simple, easy to see interface with a quick kick in the pants to boot. Weather apps are already dull by nature but we change all that. Boring is something this weather app is not. Get a chuckle out of your weather regardless of how dreary it may be outside.

F-Chops WeatherPod has all the usual weather junk you want.. real time temps and forecasts and radars and blah blah blah it's all here just like all the big boy weather apps. Just about every icon displays something so feel free to poke around. Watch the video to learn more, and don't forget about the Stinkin' Badges!

The video will give you a good idea on what the app is about, but it doesn't show you everything. For complete documentation you can visit our very own ONLINE FORUM and get all the information you need. Don't be afraid to join in and add your own two cents.

For the price of a really cheap beer you can give F-Chops WeatherPod a try. The app doesn't suck, but it does blow your pretty picture weather app out of the water. Click the Special Offer badge at the top of this page and get a free copy now while supplies last.